58% of UK Gamers Subscribe to a Subscription Service

58% of UK Gamers Subscribe to a Subscription Service

58% of UK Gamers Subscribe to a Subscription Service

William D’Angelo
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58 percent of UK gamers were subscribed to a video games subscription service in Q4 2021, according to the Online Nation 2022 report from UK communications regulator Ofcom and reported by GamesIndustry

The report says 3.2 million UK gamers are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, 2.6 million to Xbox Game Pass, 1.5 million to Xbox Live Gold, and 1.49 million to Nintendo Switch Online.

There were also 2.1 million people in the UK subscribed to cloud gaming services, with PlayStation Now the most popular. The report did say the “figure increases to 2.9 million users when including those who access the free GeForce Now and Google Stadia tiers.”

Amazon Prime Gaming service was the most popular subscription services not linked to a specific platform with its highest number of subscribers in Q4 2021. 

Ofcom in a different survey said that 54 percent of Netflix subscribers in the UK are aware of its games offers, while only eight percent have played a game on Netflix.

60 percent of UK adults play video games and it is 90 percent for kids three to 15 years old.

37 percent of UK adults play games using their mobile phone/smartphone, which is the most popular sector. Game consoles comes in second with 30 percent of UK adults, followed by tablets at 19 percent, laptops at 14 percent, desktop computers at 12 percent, smart TVs at four percent, and virtual reality headsets at three percent. 

The most played mobile game is Candy Crush with 1.2 million UK adults on average playing the game from King daily. 

In February 2022, 2.5 million people played Candy Crush, 1.6 million played Pokémon GO, and 1.5 million played Roblox.

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