HD Camera key features

Top 5 HD Camera Key Features to Look for When Shopping

If you’re in the market for an HD camera, you’ve probably already done some research into what features to look for, such as resolution and zoom ability. However, there are other key features you should take into consideration before purchasing an HD camera. This article will go over five of the most important key features to look for when shopping around.

Optical Zoom
The optical zoom of a camera is an easy way to ensure you’re getting more value for your money. Optical zoom refers to zooming using lenses, which means there is no loss in quality. If a camera offers only digital zoom, it’s not worth buying as you will lose some image quality.

Sensor Size
The size of your camera’s sensor is a big factor in deciding how much light it can capture and whether or not your images will have noise. Sensor size is measured by millimeters; larger sensors are generally considered better, especially when you shoot low-light scenes. Larger sensors mean more expensive cameras, though.

LCD Size
The larger an LCD screen is, the easier it is to see details and make sure everything looks good in your HD video footage. It’s important you have a clear view of what you’re recording. You may also want an option that flips out or has some way of adjusting where you can view it from. If a camera does not offer a flip-out screen, at least look for one that tilts so you can move its angle to get different shots. The larger an LCD screen is, though, keep in mind it’ll also take up more space on your camera and add weight, which could be something else to consider depending on what kind of work you’ll use your HD camera key features for sale with as well as how often.

Video Resolution
The video resolution you need depends on your target market and purpose of use. A photographer or filmmaker might want 1080p at 60 frames per second, while a home user only requires 720p HD camera key features at 30 fps. In any case, make sure to research all your options before deciding on a camera—it may be more expensive now, but it’ll be worth it in terms of quality and versatility in a few years.

Battery Life
It’s one thing to be able to record or snap a photo, but another if your camera doesn’t last long enough. If you plan on taking pictures or videos when you travel, you don’t want a low battery (and dead camera) as an excuse for not taking those once-in-life moments. Cameras with longer battery life mean you can spend more time being spontaneous instead of tied down by wires and outlets. At least with regard to quality HD cameras.

With dual lenses for 1080p capture and a built-in stand, the HD camera works seamlessly with the PlayStation®5 background removal tools to place you in the spotlight.

HD Camera key features

Image of the PS5 HD Camera at an angle mounted on top of a TV

Personalize Your Gameplay Sharing

1080p capture: Capture yourself in smooth, sharp full-HD with the camera’s dual wide-angle lenses as you live out your most epic gaming moments. Rapidly start a recording or broadcast yourself and your gameplay with your DualSense™ wireless controller’s create button*.

Built-in stand: Get the perfect shot with the HD camera’s built-in adjustable stand. With a compact design the camera can be securely positioned above or below your television – so you can fine-tune the angle to suit your set-up.

Background removal tools: Take center stage in your productions using the PS5™ console’s built-in background removal tools. With the HD camera, you can add yourself to your gameplay videos while broadcasting* in picture-in-picture mode, with the ability to crop the background or lose it completely using your own green screen.

HD Camera Frequently Asked Questions

Image of the PS5 HD Camera at an angle


What is the HD Camera?

The HD Camera for PS5 features two sensitive, wide-angle lens 1920×1080 cameras that can measure depth of space – useful for seamlessly cropping the background off for those broadcasting. The PS5 Camera connects via USB Type-A connector on the back of the console.

What does the HD camera for PS5 do?

The HD Camera gives you the ability to add yourself to your gameplay videos while broadcasting in picture-in-picture mode, with the ability to crop the background or lose it completely with a green screen.

Is there a microphone built into the camera?

No. You’ll be able to use a headset, or the DualSense wireless controller’s integrated mic.

Can I use PS5’s new HD Camera with my PS VR headset?

No, the new HD Camera will not support PlayStation VR. You’ll need to use the PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation Camera adaptor to connect it to your PS5.


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